Peso Savings/Checking Account PHP 200.00
Peso Corporate Account PHP 200.00
Dollar Savings Account USD 10.00
Account Closure within 30days PHP 500/USD 10
Dormancy Charges (5 years w/out trxn) PHP 30.00/ USD equivalent of PHP 30.00
Personal Checkbook (25 pages) PHP 350.00 (it takes 10 banking days to claim)
Corporate Checkbook (25 pages) PHP 350.00 (it takes 10 banking days to claim)
Bank Certificate/Remitatance Cert. PHP 100.00
Bank Certificate/Remitatance Cert. USD 10.00
Bank Certificate for SEC PHP 100.00
Bank Certificate for PRA PHP 100.00
Over The Counter Withdrawal (Savings) PHP 50.00
Over The Counter Withdrawal (Payroll Savings) PHP 30.00
New Accounts ATM PHP 50.00
Passbook/ATM Replacement PHP 50.00 (plus Php 100 for notary)
Managers Check(for account holders only) PHP 50.00
Bank Statement Request PHP 50.00/page (for first 2 months is FREE)
ABFC Balance Inquiry PHP 2.00
ABFC Withdrawal PHP 15.00
Foreign Currency Notes Deposit Holding Period of 7 Banking Days from Deposit Date.
Foreign Currency Notes Deposit Service Fee of 0.50% of the Amount Deposited
Withdrawal of Foreign Currency Funds within Holding Period Fee of 0.25% of the total amount of withdrawal OR USD10.00 whichever is higher.

NOTE : The ABFC Fees do not include potential charges that the Cardholder's Issuer may impose.


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